Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Hurricane update - 30 April

Tropical cyclone Nargis is heading for Myanmar (Burma), and will reach that country's west coast on May 2nd, Friday, with winds at category 1 strength, that's up to 80 mph. Landfall is expected northwest of the capital, Yangon (Rangoon), probably near the resort of Sandoway.

Tomorrow is 1 May, and we're within weeks of the Atlantic hurricane season. In some years, the first tropical system can occur in the first weeks of May, so if you're in Hurricane Alley: BE PREPARED.


  1. With the weather we've been having here in the Pacific northwest~it wouldn't surprise me if one of them hit here.  Guess I better get prepared.  Linda in WA

  2. I had heard our hurricane season was to be more active this year.  Of course I think they said that last year and it was fairly quiet, or at least nothing like prior years.  Let's hope we don't see another Katrina anytime soon.