Sunday, 13 April 2008

Evening notes

Was saddened to hear of the death of 5 young women in a road traffic accident in Ecuador. They were just starting a 4-month adventure in the Andes and Amazon regions of South America. The circumstances of the crash, in which 12 other Britons were injured, are being investigated. They were all passengers on a coach, travelling from Ecuador's capital, Quito, to Puerto Lopez on the Pacific coast.

The first hint of the North Atlantic hurricane season has appeared in the Eastern Pacific. A so-called African wave has been spotted west of the 90th degree longitude West. African waves are responsible for a large number of the tropical cyclones which form during the Atlantic hurricane season. They are meteorological phenomena, in which bulges of hot, humid air are released at 24 to 48 hour intervals from the African continent. These rise up to 3 miles into the atmosphere, and, given the right atmospheric conditions, can develop into a hurricane. The waves are carried west on the prevailing easterly airflow in the tropics, and can reach as far west as Hawaii.
This early on, atmospheric conditions are positively hostile, and no cyclones are expected to form for another 4 weeks. Last year, the first Atlantic cyclone formed on May 9th.


  1. that's sad next door neighbor's wife is from Ecuador. I'll have to ask her if she heard this news, she just went home about couple years ago for a vacation.


  2. That's so sad about those youg women.  I can imagine they were all nervous but excited when they left for the adventure of their lives.  My heart goes out to their families and the horrible they must feel, loosing their traveling companions.  Linda in Washington state  

  3. This must have been devastating news for their famlies.  I well remember, years ago now, the coach crash in which Lakes School students were killed or injured.  I had to take my friend to meet her daughter off the train.  She was one of the walking wounded but still has problems to this day.  
    God Bless these poor students and their families.

  4. How awesome that they wanted to explore the world and have died so young.  :(

  5. The saddest thing must be to be in a foreign country and meet with a bad accident.  A cousin of mine had the flu but went on a trip and traveled some of these steep narrow roads in a foreign country.  He became nauseated and got out near the edge  He fainted and fell to his death!  And he was a promient member of his state government and left 9 children! So sad for the families, too.  Gerry