Monday, 7 April 2008

Last thing

Worked my way through today's alerts just now. I'm feeling fairly satisfied with myself, having uninstalled some programs that were being obstinate. Netscape had its support terminated in March, but had to download it again to be able to delete it. One file was missing from the original installation. Netscape has been merged into Firefox, which I already use. Secondly, some program for the "ripping" of CD's, which I don't need. Had to edit the PC's registry to do that, which I am always reluctant to do. Fortunately, I had full instructions, so it is gone for good.

On the subject of cleaning up the PC, there is a program, designed by people who combat malware, which will clean out temporary files, caches and what have you. It is called ATF Cleaner, and when I last used it, it freed up half a gigabyte. Lessens another security risk. When you go to the page I linked to above, you need to scroll down a little.


  1. Well congrats on getting that done, Guido!  Yes, I have this useless "ripping" program "Nero" I'm dropping, and I find that Ad-aware is the best free download for deleting TIF's, cache, cookies, mal, spy and adware, all of it.  Rainy here today and expect same tomorrow.  CATHY    

  2. well done guido! I keep meaning to do some computer housekeeping but don't get round to it! there must be loads of stuff on here that i don't need!! take care mrs t xx

  3. Thanks for the heads up on the cleaner, I am going to do this.  I have tons of pics & the like to move over to my external drive so it is a good time to "clean up"!

  4. Thank you.  I don't dare do certain things as I fear losing my ability to get on the computer.  I was without access from my own computer several months last year.  i am going to use the link you've given though.  It would definitely be a help.  And as always, thank you for commenting in my journal and thank you for just being you and being a friend.  


  5. there are many things i do not do on a PC because i am so PC dumb. I am just glad it turns on daily. I am proud of how smart you are to keep yours up to date!