Friday, 25 April 2008

Close of day

Closing proceedings early this evening. It is raining heavily outside, and it won't be light for any extended period beyond 9pm.

Angola is allowing the Chinese freighter, reportedly carrying arms for Robert Mugabe's Zimbabwe, to dock. Only goods destined for Angola will be permitted to be discharged. Luanda is an ally of Harare, but the ship with ammo is probably too hot a potato for them to get involved in. Meanwhile, the Zimbabwean authorities claim the country is under attack from its coloniser (the UK) and its allies. Robert Mugabe is living in the past by the sound of things.

The hurricane season in the southern hemisphere is in its last week, and will come to a close on April 30th. Two weeks later, the Eastern Pacific and 4 weeks later the Atlantic season will kick off. The Northwestern Pacific spawned a typhoon last week, so the focus is definitely shifting north.

If you live in Hurricane Alley, please review your preparations and contingency plans.


  1. Goodnight Guido! I'm so glad we don't live anywhere where there are hurricane seasons, must be quite scarey wondering how many and how strong they'll be. Jeannette xx  

  2. Actually not a drop of rain fell here today.  I went out for awhile and cleaned all the old dead plants out of all my hanging baskets.  Hopefully in the next couple of weeks, I can replant them and not fear for their lives.   No hurricanes down around Mexico and in the Gulf of Mexico this October please.   Linda in Washington state  

  3. i think we only ever had 2 hurricanes here I remember hugo and I think the tail end of andrew!

    ~~~Make It A Great Day~~~

  4. We had a pretty decent bit of rain and thunder and lightning last night.  You can imagine my happiness.  :)