Thursday, 10 April 2008

Hurricane season

Another prediction for the forthcoming North Atlantic hurricane season, which will kick off on June 1st. "It will be well above average". Heard that before. A sprinkling of Saharan dust made a similar prediction bite the dust in 2007.

Hurricanes are incredibly difficult to predict or forecast upon. Bearing in mind the super panic that sets in the moment one is born probably makes those in the know err on the side of caution.

If you're in hurricane alley, please start your preparations now.


  1. It must be difficult to know exactly how to prepare, when there's so little prediction accuracy.  What a force of nature though!  CATHY

  2. The deposit has been paid. I hope it's over in the Gulf of Mexico before the middle of October.  Linda in WA  

  3. OH!! Dear I fear them always son living over th epond.I hope they are minmal or none at all.Have a great day Guido.Hope your weather is reasonable for the time of year.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  4. On the other side, some people get complacent, or like to appear brave, and don't prepare or take heed at all.  THAT's very frustrating to those trying to get out safety warnings, and isn't limited to hurricanes. Those who do predictions do so with much greater accuracy than ever -- even if it is still very difficult.  

    I agree -- make some preliminary preparations now, at least in your head.  Go through what you have, what you would need, what supplies and such you should get to have on hand.  Then obtain them.  Just in case.

  5. Getting worried and it is only April...hope it is NOT what they predict.  Take care...