Thursday, 17 April 2008

Pictures from yesterday

The pictures above show the Callanish Stones, the area around it and the road that leads north from the Stones through the village. At the end of the road lies a graveyard, containing one grave from World War I, the object of my visit. The views across the water are quite magnificent, as it was a dry, bright afternoon. The red building is a factory, which turns fish into fishoil (or used to). You can see the villages of Breasclete (nearby), Tolstachaolais (4 miles to the north) and Kirkibost on Great Bernera to the west.


  1. Your photos are so interesting.  Thanks for sharing  them with us.   Now I'm off to read more about the Callanish Stones.              Dawn

  2. I loved your pictures, such a beautiful day & the scenery & water shots are just gorgeous but I loved the little lambs...awwww...I just wanted to reach through and give them a hug.  The little guy following his mama in #65 is darling.  Thanks for the great group of pictures!

  3. Thank you for the pictorial tour.

  4. The grave of the Seaforth highlander,looks such a lovely place to be laid to rest ,and I see the lady from the shop ,was getting her washing dry Jan xx

  5. I have just read a book about soldiers diaries from world war 1.
    Its called A WAR IN WORDS, you may have read it or seen the series on channel 4.I always look at your photos and wish i could smell that fresh sea air. You have me longing to go to our nearist sea side. Fish and chips and all that clean sea air i would feel rich indeed.
    love and hugs

  6. Those stones are so interesting...what are they there for?
    Great pics! Such blueness...water and sky. It looks warmer now than just a few weeks ago.

  7. I enjoyed all the sure take great shots.  Hope you have a great weekend...

  8. great photos guido, the stones looked interesting, we go hunting for stone circles and the like in cornwall. the snow capped moutains looked beautiful. take care mrs t x