Monday, 7 April 2008

Evening notes

After a poor start, the weather has cleared up to some extent. It's breezy and cold outside, but at least the sun is shining.

Managed to make my way through about four dozen alerts, little thanks to AOL Webmail which is now at the tantrum stage. It will only show you the next mail IF you jump through some hoop or another. No thanks. Have complained before the weekend.

This afternoon, we had a very low tide, which enabled me to go scallop hunting at the bottom of the basin across the road. Found one large scallop, which (as I type) is being turned into an aperitif for dinner. Last year, I found eight clams, which sat clattering away on a tray for a few hours. These creatures can actually move along the seabed by squirting a jet of water. Here is a video I took of the clams last year.


  1. Enjoy your aperitif  !!  good  that the weather cleared up a bit this sfaternoon. Been a sunny day here with just the odd shower but quite cold.  Love Sybil

  2. ceilisundancer7 April 2008 at 18:16

    Ah, scallops.  And, so fresh like that.  Yummy:)

    Sorry you're having aol problems.

  3. Evening notes...and I'm still trying to eat breakfast.  Barely 40 degrees here, windy and occasional little showers.  Oh I love scallops and clams.  I especially like the small butter clams.....steamed, in dipped in melted garlic butter .  Yummy !!!  On the Washington coast, one can take a garden rake and get buckets of them.  However I think the limit is 16 per person per day....not enough to even get started on a good clam feast.   We also have goeducks (a different type of clam) and they squirt up thru the sand, and are hard to get because they too propel themselves thru the sand by skirting water.  Linda in Washington...I need to have a big clam feed.

  4. Never had them, but i do like cockles and mussels.  
    Jenny <><

  5. Not being a lover of seafood Guido, I think I`d find it a bit disconcerting for dinner to move around on its! :o)

    Love Sandra xx

  6. I would try to eat that if you cooked it!
    Weird to see it move!

  7. wow thats cool!!!  They are really very pretty too.


  8. how interesting. It was still moving!