Sunday, 20 April 2008


A Eurostar train journey from London to Paris took 10 hours on Friday night, as opposed to the customary two. When the London-bound service approached the Channel Tunnel, a red light came on in the driver's cab, which indicated a technical fault. This forebade it from entering the Tunnel. So, it was stopped, as was a train travelling in the opposite direction. Passengers were swapped between the two trains, and the London-bound passengers arrived at their destination without much delay.

Not so the Paris-bound passengers. Their train broke down 75 miles north of Paris, and a replacement train had to be called up to tow the break-down to Paris. At a snail's pace. It finally arrived in Paris Gare du Nord at 9 in the morning, some 10 hours late. The passengers are fuming - partially because all power was lost, leading to a loss of air-conditioning. Other passengers could no longer hold on to their enforced nicotine break, so it all got rather hot and bothered on there.

The SNCF has been ordered to report on Monday on lessons learned from the incident. Methinks it's easy. A train with a fault should not proceed at all. Period.


  1. What a carry on.  I can just imagine how hot and bothered everyone got....As regards the train was it not the train TO london that had a fault ? the one bound for Paris looks as if at the time of the swap over it was ok ?  whoever was at fault need not worry as usually they are never the ones blamed !!  Love Sybil xx

  2. oh wow...i love public transportation but this would have all been a nightmare!!

  3. those poor passengers, I would have been having hissy fits.  I don't do well in situations like that.  :(