Saturday, 12 April 2008

Saturday 12 April

Brilliantly sunny day, with only a few demure cumulus clouds about. Not warm at this stage, only 7C. Snow has wreaked havoc on higher level routes in central Scotland, it is reported this morning. The causative showers are presently moving southeast and diminishing.

It's now two weeks ago since Zimbabwe had presidential elections, but Mugabe continues to withhold the outcome. The international community is swinging into action to try to resolve the problem peaceably, but whether our war hero is amenable to that remains to be seen. If there were to be a run-off, it would be due next week. Bit difficult, now that political rallies have been banned.

A discussion has erupted about the use of larger measures for alcohol in pubs. One example is wine glasses, which have expanded from 125 to 175 or even 250 ml in size. Double measures for spirits are standard in some places - a visitor here mentioned the other day they were served triple measures in a pub in Stornoway. It's a recipe for disaster, and doctors have sounded the alarmbells.


  1. They are predicting 70 degrees for us this today.  Ya Hoo !!!!  I wish we could out to the ocean beach..supposed to be 65* there but Bob's youngest daughter & 2 little ones want us up at their house today.  So that's where we'll be.  Oh well, there will be other sunny, warm days. Linda in Washington

  2. Serving larger amounts of alcohol? WHY?? It's already a danger!

    It was hot here Saturday. Over 90 here. Maybe you can answer a question for me. They call a "heat index 1" or a "heat index 2." Do you know what that means Guido?