Sunday, 27 April 2008

Sunday 27 April

Fairly bright but blustery morning, with some showers later in the day. The wind is whipping the water in the basin up into white riders, not seen that for a while.

The Grangemouth refinery is now on strike, with only a skeleton staff on to keep the place on "hot stand-by" which should allow a quick resumption of production after Monday. Meanwhile, the megaphone diplomacy between management and workers continues - they are talking to everyone apart from each other. Extra fuel supplies are being shipped in by tanker from elsewhere in the UK and Europe.

Chechnya is one of those forgotten wars. It is a region in the south of Russia, which sought independence from Russia / Soviet Union in the 1990s. Boris Yeltsin, the then president, tried the iron fist approach. It failed, and cost thousands of lives. Relative peace is now reigning in the region's capital, Grozny, although the place crawls with armed men, and rubble is still very much in evidence. As is the threat of more violence. Read more here from this chilling report.


  1. I pray peace will prevail in Chechnya. Everywhere you go you find a total lack of communication between workers and management, hope they can sort it out between them. Jeannette xx  

  2. It has never stopped raining here in my part of the country Guido since I woke today at 5-30am.Have a lovely Sunday.So many troubles inthe world it sickens me.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  3. According to the song, March was supposed to " go out like a lion a 'whippin up the water in the bay. Then April cried and stepped aside and along came pretty little May."   So I guess we can all hope that May, indeed, will be a good month weather wise for all of us!   No more hail, sleet and snow.  Linda in gloomy but 56 degrees Washington

  4. It is quite a cool & blustery day here as well.  I've become spoiled with our recent summer like weather.