Wednesday, 23 April 2008

Wednesday 23 April

The weather has changed, and it will be a lot less settled than it has been of late. Awoke this morning to light rain, although things have brightened up right now. There will be showers and rain on and off over the next few days.

So the recount in Zimbabwe has produced a win for Mugabe's Zanu-PF. Now, that is an absolute surprise for me, isn't it for you? Who would have thought that. Dear me.

Hilary Clinton has won the PA primary, which puts her back on track to win the Democratic nomination for the presidential poll in November. I have to agree with the majority of commenters on here that the current pool of choice for the White House augurs poorly for the US.

Naturalists along the west coast of Scotland are concerned about the high number of stranded sea mammals this winter and spring. T
he strandings are blamed on the use of sonar by naval vessels, something denied by the Ministry of Defence. The latest casualty is a minkie whale, which was beached near the outflow of a loch between Barvas and Brue on the west side of Lewis. Looks like a place to avoid in the next few weeks - I have personal experience of the whiff given off by a decomposing whale, and it's not pleasant. Found one near South Dell in 2005, and it stank to high heaven. Even more so when I came across the same carcass again 3 months later.


  1. that carcass you saw twice, even three months later, may not stink as bad as the choices i have to vote for in November.
    It will rain here today also.

  2. I am saddened to hear of the beached whale & others ~ of course they will deny it is the sonar killing these creatures.  I am shocked to hear of Mugabe's victory too.
    Yes my little state certainly is the center of attention with the primaries ~ I too am disgusted with the choices we have.  The secretary of state of PA made a huge blunder this morning on the news...he said he was "static" over voter turnout......ummm....don't you mean ecstatic?  Now don't we look smart!

  3. It has been a lovely day here still a cold wind though not able to sit out yet.  Fancy Mugabe winning   I am so so sad...Sorry my friend Jean can't find who wrote about the devil and Mugabe.  Love Sybl xx