Wednesday, 30 April 2008

Contrasting Queens

This is an adjusted repost from an entry I did on 30 April 2007.

This month, April, sees the official and biological birthdays of two of Europe's Queens, and I'd like to contrast them, as contrast they do.

Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II of Great Britain and Northern Ireland [...], was born on 21 April 1926. She celebrates her birthday in private, with no public ceremony. On the second Saturday of June, the ceremony of Trooping the Colour is taken at Horseguard's Parade in central London. Until 1987, the Queen would take the parade on horseback, but her advanced age has excused her from that now: she takes it seated in a carriage.  There is a whole website dedicated to the ceremony, which I would like to link to.
Queen Elizabeth II will be on the throne until her death. Prince Charles is next in line for the throne, but there are voices of doubt within the UK, whether he should give way to his eldest son, Prince William.

Her Majesty, Queen Beatrix of the Netherlands was on born on 31 January 1938. She too celebrates her birthday in private, but a public ceremony takes place on 30 April. Her mother, the late Princess Juliana (who was Queen between 1948 and 1980), had her birthday on that day. Juliana had the people come to her palace at the town of Soestdijk, east of Amsterdam, for a file-past. Beatrix decided to come to the people. Each year in her reign (she ascended the Orange throne 28 years ago) she visits two towns in one of the twelve provinces in the Netherlands, with a clutter of relatives in tow. Public festivities are laid on in all towns in the country. Read more here.

I foresee Queen Beatrix abdicating, like her mother did, to make way for her eldest son, Willem Alexander. He is 41 this year. Beatrix was 42 when she ascended the throne in 1980.


  1. I thought this was another tale of Ronaldo when I saw the title, lol! I remember an anecdote about Queen Beatrix which was very funny. She was at a party and a man went up to her and asked her name, she told him it was Beatrix and he asked what she did for a living, she said ' I'm a queen!' He slunk away! She does seem more in touch with her subjects than our stuffy old queen! Oops, am I going to get beheaded now?! Happy birthday to them both. Jeannette xx  

  2. Happy Birthday to the Queens. I only know of Queen Elizabeth II, I've never heard of the other one (no offense to anyone intended).  Do the Royal Families have any political power?

  3. Happy Birthday to the 'Queens'
    I don't   forsee that Prince Charles will step down and let his son become King-no way,Jose'.


  4. Very interesting to me Guido. I love the Queens.
    I would be surprised if Charles stepped aside, and allowed William to be the next in line. I think Charles wants to be known as a King when he dies...even if for a little while. JMO.

  5. We have gone to Victoria, BC Canada many times for their annual celebration of Queen Victoria's birthday the 3rd weekend of May.  It's a fun weekend to be there.  On Monday of the weekend there is huge parade and even high school bands from Washington and other parts of the US are there to participate.  Happy birthday to all the Queens.  Linda in WA

  6. You never know Guido, perhaps Charles won`t outlive his mother and William would become King anyway.

    Love Sandra xxxx

  7. I just read a fascinating bio (The Last Romantic) of Queen Marie of Roumania whose mother was the daughter of the Rissian Tsar at the time, and whose father was the son of Queen Victoria.  Quite the antecedents there.  It's hard for us Americans to keep track of all these Royals but we try!  Gerry

  8. Our local main shopping centre in Peterborough  is called Queens gate ,and was opened by Queen Beatrix, what a beautiful lady Jan xx