Sunday, 13 April 2008

Stornoway Sunday

No shops are open (apart from the filling station).
The ferry does not sail (except if it has been cancelled before the weekend).
There are no scheduled buses.
Only the pubs are open.
And a few of the restaurants.
The streets are mostly deserted.
Except at church time.


  1. love the idea of deserted streets! only get that in the small hours and now with all nite clubs that is rare, not that i am out at that time!! loved the picture of the castle, what's the story with it? looks interesting. take care mrs t xx

  2. I remember the days when everything was shut on a Sunday, everyone deserves a rest whether they are churchgoers or not.  How did everyone manage until todays Sunday opening hours were implemented?  

    Love Sandra xx

  3. Well the most important place (the pub) is open, so all's right with the world!!  heh... You've got some sun today!!


  4. You must have been about the only person out and about. Helen

  5. It was so much better when only your corner shop was open until about 2pm and of course Wembley Market also till 2pm, then the whole afternoon just stretched before you a proper day of rest, not forgetting Sunday Roast when everybody sat around the table.


  6. Beautiful pictures.  I noticed your streets are very narrow.  Obviously no one has the big gas guzzler cars like some do here in the U.S.   It really angers me that AOL puts this big border of advertisement up above pictures when you view them in the "large"format.  It totally takes away from people's pictures.  What can be done about that?  But I loved your pictures aside from that.  Linda in WA

  7. I like the idea of everything being closed on Sunday.   Gives families a day to be together, a thing of the past in the states.   What a nice town, loved the photos.
    Dawn         http:sor/ACoupleofNomads///

  8. There is something so nice and peaceful about your Sunday.  I only wish it were the same all over.  Mind you in our village it is a bit like the Mary Celeste on a Sunday. !!  Love Sybil xx

  9. Is it like this on all Sundays??  Sounds very nice!!


  10. wow, a place that actually honors the Sabbath and closes on Sunday; that is neat to hear


  11. So everyone is either in Church or in a pub. I've never lived in a place that observes the Sabbath like that. It's amazing.

  12. cacklinrosie10114 April 2008 at 02:43

    When I was a kid, my area of the US was like that.  Absolutely nothing was open on Sundays besides churches and some restaurants.  Nice to see it still exists.  Chris

  13. makes me wanna move there.

  14. Sunday's should have stayed like that throughout Britain.  Quiet contemplative days to spend with the family.  Not going to work or shopping.
    I noticed this observance when we stayed on Skye last year.  It seems so quaint now.  Living in a tourist area we have late night shopping until nine at night all week long.  Including the Sabath.
    Those were the days.
    I enjoyed looking at your photos Guido.

  15. i love it when we take everyday pics and share. HOW interesting. It is exotic to think you can walk up to a castle. There certainly are no castles in mid Ohio.

  16. princesssaurora15 April 2008 at 04:31

    That is amazing... Wow!  Makes me want to visit there even more...

    be well,