Tuesday, 22 April 2008

Hole in the head

I should not really say that much about the US presidential race, what with the Pennsylvania primary running as I type. However, I was frankly appalled by the statement by Senator Hillary Clinton. She said that if Iran launched a nuclear attack on Israel with her in the White House, the state of Iran would be obliterated. I have yet to read a more stupid utterance this year.

Iran is on record as vowing to obliterate Israel, an illegal statement under international law. Its president is a firebrand, even recognised as such by his own cabinet and hierarchy. His opinions should be treated with caution, and echoing an illegal statement from an avowed opponent of the US is just plain pandering to the hawks in Tehran, and to Islamic-based terrorists of Al-Qa'eda variety.

If that's Mrs Clinton's opinion on foreign affairs, than I will say that the international community needs her like a hole in the head.


  1. Here!   Here!  


  2. I had missed this statement of hers.  Sounds careless to say the least.

    While I have my preferences in current U.S.A. Presidential candidates:) (and loved his "brushing it off my shoulder" comment, and well, think he is the best one), I know that my overriding hope is, ultimately, that the leader best suited for these times be the one elected, even if I'm wrong in my opinion as to who that is.  

    Who wins this election in November, will have an impact on international affairs.

  3. Ummmmmmm-if Iran launched a nuclear attack on Israel  the state of Iran would be obliterated no matter WHO was in the White House-I never could 'stand' her-but to be honest-I think there isn't  a qualified person running.Whoever turns out to be our President is going to muddle things up-none have this countrys' best interests in mind-only their own.and that's all I'm going to say about that,pffffft

  4. This whole thing is a mess.  We really have no choices in my opinion.  Linda

  5. Frankly, I think there is a strong possibility that God Almighty Himself will step in should they launch an attack on Isreal.  -  Barbara

  6. Clapping my hands to your statements. Helen

  7. Makes me wonder what is going on in your backyard.

  8. well said Mr guido.
    love and hugs

  9. I didn't hear that statement.  It is a choice between three evils, none of which have proved to be lesser in my opinion.  I did vote yesterday as I feel it is important to do so regardless.

  10. I missed that statement from her...wow.  Interesting...thanks for sharing..
    Take care!

  11. For someone who keeps stressing all the "experience" she has, the comment comes off extra stupid.  I am Pro Israel, but not Pro Stupid. ~Mary