Monday, 14 April 2008


I happened to link through to a blog (Happy Thoughts, hpycmpr155). The writer nearly lost her dog after applying an anti-flea preparation called ProMeris. After a visit to the emergency vet, the dog recovered quickly.

The manufacturer, Fort Dodge, an apparent subsidiary of German chemical giant BASF, states in its internet blurb that ProMeris is a safe product. An internet forums for dog owners states the opposite.

When you use an anti-flea preparation, you must always remember that the chemicals concerned are toxic at the best of times. I was once ill for a couple of days after being too liberal with a canister of flea-powder. Not only was I unwell, so was the poor cat I tried (in vain) to rid of fleas.

If your animal suffers an adverse reaction to a medicine or other preparation, always consult a vet, and insist he report the incident to the manufacturers and the broader scientific community.


  1. Thankyou for this Guido ,we usually get ours (Kizzie's )from the vet Jan xx

  2. I enjoy Sunny's journal and was upset to hear about Blanche.  I am reluctant to use any type of chemicals on my animals.  I do use Frontline for the ones who have flea allergies but other than that I try to use all natural products.  Thanks for the link to the forum, I'll check that out and warn my friends who use these type of products as well.

  3. I've only had to de-flea Gabi once.  And I got the medication form her Vet.  I only use flea powder on the carpet.  After I vacuum, I sprinkle a little flea powder on the carpet and vacuum it up to kill any fleas that end up in the vacuum cleaner bag. Poor little Gabi is stricktly an indoor cat but I understand humans carry fleas into the house on their shoes & clothes.     Linda in Washington state

  4. One of the strays I took in, had a bad reaction to flea powder. It was still clumped in her fur when I found her in the woods. The flea powder burned her backside, causing her to pull out huge chunks of fur. Foxy's entire backside was missing fur. I brought her in the house, bathed her in an oatmeal remedy and applied cooling poultices to her skin. It took a few months but she did eventually regrow her hair. The entire experience made her distrustful of any kind of help.

    To date the best, I've found are the flea capsules you break and apply to the back of the neck. It works wonderfully and doesn't traumatize the animal. (Hugs) Indigo

  5. hi guido, my dog is allergic to flea bites, when they do she bites at her skin till it is raw and looses her fur, poor love. just show you have to be so careful with all kinds of treatments. take care mrs t x

  6. princesssaurora15 April 2008 at 04:27

    How awful!  

    be well,

  7. thank you for this info. I go to the vet and they use a gel down the dogs back. To be honest, i do not know if THAT is safe either.