Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Scottish notes

Couple of stories caught my eye this evening, some not very nice ones. Children, playing on a beach in Arbroath, between Aberdeen and Dundee on the Scottish east coast, have found a human head wrapped in a plastic bag. Investigations into the identity of the female are on-going.

Cattle are roaming the M73 motorway east of Glasgow this evening after a cattle-truck crashed. Six of them wondered up to 2 miles from the crash site. Police are attempting to round them up and take them away.

A ship was spotted in difficulty, 6 miles northeast of Cape Wrath last night. Stornoway Coastguard found that the Sava Ocean was not moving. Upon contacting the vessel, the coastguard learned that she had broken down. Local tug Anglian Prince went to the scene and towed the vessel to Ullapool.


  1. How sickening about the children finding that head....poor dears, they will probably be traumatized.  How awful...gives me the creeps just thinking about it.  Well I was happy to read the cattle were walking around after the crash - I bet that was quite a surprise for motorists.

  2. Oh....what a traumatic event for those children.   Hopefully, someone will be able to help them thru and they won't be emotionally wrecked for life seeing such a gruesome thing.             On our way home in March, we were driving thru an open range area and came up over a hill and there were several cattle out standing along the road, chewing their cud.  We were going slow as we were also driving thru some hail at the time.  I proceeded to roll down my window & moo at them as we slowly drive by. I can imagine what they were saying to each other as we drove off.  LOL   Linda in Washington state  

  3. That's grim reading about the children finding the head on the beach.  Poor angels!  I remember the horror I felt when I came across a dead sheep on a fell.  My stomach lurched and I can still see it now although it has been thirty years or more now since the event.
    Glad there were no accidents caused by the loose cattle and glad they were uninjured too.
    Well done the Tugboat owner of the Anglian Prince for coming to the rescue.  Having been to Ullapool I can just imagine the scene that made.

  4. springangel2352 April 2008 at 11:40

    Those poor children...this saddened me so.  My prayers go out that they will get past this tramatic find.  Take care...

  5. I hope those precious children do not have nightmares for the rest of their lives and overcome that visual. How awful for them.

    Police became cowboys today, huh? Kinda funny but dangerous for the drivers.  

    Thank goodness for the Anglian Prince to the rescue.  


  6. what an awful thing to happen to children, i hope they are ok. did they get all the cows? take care mrs t xx

  7. i can not imagine the nightmares those children may have after seeing that severed head!