Tuesday, 1 April 2008

Tuesday 1 April

April Fools Day - your shoelaces are undone.
Bright day, fairly calm but with the odd short downpour. Not too cold, 10C today.

Zimbabwe is still awaiting the final results of last Saturday's elections, which raises anxiety over the possibility of the outcome being rigged. Initial results indicate that the opposition may have gained a larger number of seats in parliament, and that its leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, has obtained the largest number of votes. At current standing, he is at 49%, just short of the 50% needed to avoid a run-off later this month.

The inquest into the death of Diana Princess of Wales in 1997 is now at the stage of summing up. The coroner has advised the jury that the evidence given by Diana's butler was short of the truth, but could not be wholly discounted. Mr Burrell later admitted that he had not told the whole truth, but would not return to the UK to explain discrepancies.
I have to say that I am sick to the backteeth of this barrelload of garbage, with the slimy goo from Paul Burrell and the psychotic rants from Mohammed Al-Fayed. For God's sake, let's leave this poor woman to rest in peace.


  1. specialadyfink1 April 2008 at 13:22

    Only God knows for sure-but one thing for sure-nothing will bring that dear "LADY" back.What an impact one person can have on the world-even after they have left this eearth. She will be remembered as a great lady-one that will be hard to hold a candle to.I agree-rest in peace Dear Dianna- we love you and will go on remembering what you brought to this world and what you took with you.


  2. katie39041@talktalk.net1 April 2008 at 14:10

    I agree whole heartedly that they should leave Princess Diana in peace. She went through enough in life. Ten years later there still raking over the past. Her poor darling sons need closure and while Mr Fayed keeps shouting his mouth off there not getting that.I would have been caught out for aprils fool day, lol. Have a lovely day.
    love and hugs

  3. I am hoping that Mugabe and his sychophants are busily packing their suitcases and moving their ill gotten money to offshore banks.  It will take at least a week for them to put all their low value 'pocket money'notes into ship containers.
    It will be worth every penny they take if it means they get lost and leave Zimbabweans in peace!

    I too agree that the Diana Inquest has flogged a dead horse for too long.
    Let her rest in peace now.

    No doubt Al- Fayed wil now be sued for his libellous slander...hohum to that if it comes around.

  4. It's so unthinkable that they would do this to her for ten years after her passing.  And for her sons to hear this again and again and again.  May she rest in peace.  This is so unacceptable treatment of the World's Princess.


  5. Have a Happy April fools day

  6. Just listning to the latest news maybe after all the outcome in zimbabawe will be a good one.  Here Here is what I say about the Diana affair  Love Sybil x

  7. I agree with you, let her rest in peace ~ enough already.
    LOL - if I was wearing shoes I might have fallen for that!!!  Happy April Fools Day.  I am on the farm today so I've nobody to fool...or be fooled by.  ;)

  8. I wish they would let her rest in peace, but sadly, she still makes money. When there is a photo or an article about her people still buy it. Until the press can be preoccupied with someone else, I'm afraid Diana will never RIP. JMO.

  9. i agree. I loved her very much and though i would LOVE to know the truth as to why she died, all of these men in her life seem half crazy.