Wednesday, 2 April 2008

Open Day

The Northern Lighthouse Board (NLB) uses a dedicated vessel to service navigational aids, such as lighthouses, buoys and radio beacons. The MV Pharos is a familiar sight at Stornoway, although it covers the entire coast of Scotland and the Isle of Man. Today, she was berthed here and the public were invited to have a look round. The current Pharos came into service a year ago.


  1. These are great pictures Guido ~ I bet it was neat to be aboard the ship.  I love the first picture of the entrance to the terminal, such a cool picture.  Good views from the ship too ~ I liked the rabies sign.  So this is not a ship that carries passengers?  Is it always the same crew on board?

  2. I would have enjoyed going on board for real Guido.  These photos will do me fine though.  Well taken.  I liked the views of the houses on shore the best.
    It looks like a lovely day where you are...we have a warm one too.  Trust me to work most of it though.
    Please....let there be no snow on Saturday as I have to travel up to the borders early morning.  It doesn't look good though.  What do you think?

  3. I am not down to Doc's so I can view these photos.  So I will have  to come back later, and also finish viewing the ones in your Flicker account.  I do love the good photographers aong the journalists.  I am going out this afternoon or tomorrow  to see if I can get some palo verdes in bloom! The city has set out a bunch of new trees that are growing like crazy.  How I love to see a city plant trees.  Gerry