Thursday, 3 April 2008

Thursday 3 April

Overcast morning with a bit of a breeze going, but not cold - we're above 10C at the moment. Rain will come in later tonight, introducing a spell of wintry weather for the weekend. On the subject of weather, there are no hurricanes to report on, and neither is one likely to form over the next few days.

In Zimbabwe, it appears that the opposition has won a majority in parliament. The outcome of the presidential poll is yet to be announced. Hope they get their skates on with that.

In the Highlands of Scotland, three climbers have spent the night on Ben Nevis after poor weather prevented their descent off the mountain. They were properly equipped for the conditions, and although rescue services were on stand-by, there was no immediate concern for their safety. Am awaiting an update.


  1. Thank goodness the climbers were prepared ~ isn't that a nice change?  I hope they are able to get off the mountain and are all okay, sounds like they are seasoned climbers so hopefully that will help.

  2. good morning guido, glad those climbers were proberly equiped and are safe. Lovely sunny day here, actually got the washing out!!  have a good day mrs t xx

  3. It's been quite a nice day here Guido,not that I have been out in it at all.Too much to do indoors roight now,wth the moving home.I was happy to learn the hikers were safe and help was at hand if needed.I havn't been following the Zimbabwe topic been too busy lately to see much news at all.Lets hope the outcome of the poll is a good one.Take Care God Bless Kath astoriasand

  4. Mugabe is obviously negotiating for his life and comforts no doubt.
    I hope that swaggering despot gets his come uppance!  
    Don't like the sound of the weekends you?  Huh!

  5. It's sort of sunny here this morning too.  But they say the clouds are moving and and rain is coming. Rain is expected during Spring but not snow and hail.  So hopefully the temperatures will stay up and it will be just rain.  Meanwhile my tulips are beginning to open.  Linda in Washington state  

  6. I think Mugabe should step down with what little dignity he can muster. He`s lucky the oppostion have promised not to try him for war crimes during his despotic rule. I just hope Zimbabwe can return to the country it once was.

    Love Sandra xx

  7. it has rained here for days on end. But sure nice that it is not snow.