Sunday, 16 March 2008

12 March 1938

The year 1938 was one of the black years of the 1930s, but as nothing in comparison to the following decade. On 12 March 1938, Nazi forces marched from Germany into Austria without opposition. It heralded the amalgamation of Austria into Germany, referred to historically as the Anschluss (the joining). Once more, a violation of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles, went unpunished. Austria ceased to exist as a fully independent nation until 1955.

Later in 1938, on September 30th, Neville Chamberlain went to a summit meeting with Adolf Hitler at Munich, (in)famously returning to Great Britain "peace for our time".

Six weeks later, on November 9th, the infamous Kristallnacht saw Jewish property across Germany being vandalised and destroyed, and Jews molested and killed in an orchestrated campaign of terror.

The Sudetenland area of Czecho-Slovakia was invaded early in 1939 by Nazi forces, to continue Hitler's campaign to join all German speaking territories to the Fatherland. The British government stood by, swallowing the German excuse that it was defending a German minority.

The Nazi invasion of Poland in September 1939 finally did evoke a response from the British Government, in the shape of a declaration of war. World War II had begun.

I occasionally highlight key dates from World War II and preceding years, lest we forget the atrocities that occurred between 1933 and 1945.


  1. You are right Guido.  We must never forget.  -  Barbara

  2. I am happy to read an entry regarding WW2.  I have a great interest in WW2 and watch & read as much about it as I can.  

  3. Interesting read, Guido...... 'lest we forget....'


  4. Both of my parents, and many Aunts and Uncles served in WWII. My mother was a nurse in Europe, and my father was a Merchant Marine in the Pacific Theatre. Unfortunately, we are slowly losing that generation, and the stories that go with them.

  5. Doc and I watched a documentary on Himmler's drive to create an Aryan race.  Didn't stop at much.  Doc's ancestors all came from Germany so watchiing German history has a different resonance with him.  He has watched many documentaries of the truth about the Nazi regime and has speculated many times why a Hitler would come to power.  a Hitler who had a thing about the Jews.  But more Germans immigrated to the U.S. than any other race, so it is no wonder I am always beng attracted to a guy with German blood in him.  I love the music all the ones who have attracted me have in their bones.  Doc the mos tof all.  Yes, that is what I fell in love with, his powerful intellect and love of music, now tarnished by a long drop into alcoholism.  He says well the Germans love their beer, as the French love their wine   Gerry

  6. Very interesting.  We should never forget.