Friday, 7 March 2008

Oprah goof

Oprah Winfrey is organising a world-wide event on the Internet. This will take place at 8pm EST on March 10th. In order to find out at what time, local time, this takes place in your neck of the woods, you can go to Oprah's site, where she has installed a handy time converter. Which has every timezone in the world. Going down the list, I saw


Hello? I'm in the pure GMT-timezone, minus or plus nothing.

What an appalling gaffe.


  1. guess she is not perfect after all!

  2. While I'm she personally has little to nothing to do with organizing the site, it is an odd gaffe. I've grown progressively sicker of Oprah as the years go by, but that might just be jealousy of my wife's obsession with her :)


  3. specialadyfink7 March 2008 at 18:31

    Well I for one wouldn't participate-as I figure it's to promote Obama..and I cross my fingers hope to die that he is not our next President!!!!

  4. Like the other comments, I am heartily sick of Oprah.  She says she gives away all those cars and other gifts, but she wouldn't give away a thing from her own pocket.  All those things are provided by the companies represented, and she gives them away on her program for the publicity.  

  5. I'm with Fink's comment, my guts telling he's not to be trustful. I think it's immature of him to call Hillary a monster... I think it's sad when running candidates digs dirt on each other and attack each other, they should concentrate on their views and to do the work  they're promising the people so they can become president.
    Anyway, I don't trust Obama...a few days ago, I watched Ellen's noon show and she aired Obama where she asked question: "What would you do when you first get to the Oval office?" he said..:"ooh, this is cool!"

    I was in disbelief, I mean that right there tells you he's in it to benefit  him (white house to live in and media attention)  It seems he just wants to be seen as "the president of the United states"  
    if he become President, goodluck to USA.
    And I live here.

    LOL to Dan's comment.

  6. I have had it up to my eyeballs with that windbag and will not be participating in anything she has to offer.  Oh my...don't tell me Miss Perfection actually had a snafu on her website ~ the horror!!  Perhaps now some of her followers won't believe she actually walks on water (I doubt it).