Thursday, 20 March 2008

Maundy Thursday

Today is the first day of the Easter weekend, it being Maundy Thursday. On this day, Christ called on his disciples to love each other, before washing their feet. Several centuries later, English monarchs would hand out Maundy alms on this day, the number of purses representing the monarch's age. This year, 82 purses to men and 82 to women. Each purse contains 82 pence, legal tender but specially minted for this day, so very rare. I once knew a man who received a purse of Maundy money.

Queen Elizabeth is in Northern Ireland for a three-day visit, and is attending Maundy Thursday service in St Patrick's Cathedral in Armagh. Read more here.


  1. that was interesting; I didn't know about the Maundy alms

    enjoy your day, winter weather and all, on this first day of spring


  2. I did not know about the Maundy alms.  Happy Maundy Thursday to you.

  3. I have done entrys on past Maunday Thursdays too ,thankyou for yours this year .Easter is about more than choccy and chicks Janxx

  4. I have heard of Maundy Thursday but did not know the meaning or the tradition behind the day.  Thanks for sharing.  Linda

  5. I didn't know that!  That's a very cool tradition.