Thursday, 6 March 2008

Hurricane update - 6 March

Tropical cyclone JOKWE has passed over Madagascar, and has rapidly intensified in the Mozambique Channel, between Madagascar and mainland Africa. The storm currently has winds of 75 knots (85 mph), gusting to 90 knots (100 mph) and is moving westsouthwest. Outlying rainbands are currently affecting the Comoros Islands to the north.

It will arrive off the coast of central Mozambique tomorrow with winds of 95 knots (110 mph), gusting to 115 knots (130 mph). Landfall is a possibility, but most forecasts project a change in direction to the south, along the African coastline.

The South African weatherservice is monitoring this cyclone, with input from the dedicated centre on La Reunion. If the storm makes landfall in Mozambique, the effects will be as bad as those of TC Ivan, 3 weeks ago. A trajectory parallel to the coast puts the north of South Africa in the firing line.

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