Thursday, 6 March 2008


The wife of the minister, responsible for children's welfare in Jersey, sent an internal email, saying that the police officer (Lenny Harper) was more like Lenny Henry (a British comedian). Mr Harper failed to see the joke, and is seeking legal advice with a view to sue Mrs Shenton.

Jersey is the focus of an investigation at a former children's home, Haut de La Garenne, where possibly up to 160 people were abused since the 1960s. Mr Harper has issued strongly worded statements, warning against witness intimidation, and has taken an extremely dim view of the above mentioned joke. He has queried why the wife of the very minister responsible for child welfare, should say something like that.

So-called punishment rooms have been found in the basement of Haut de la Garenne, with graffiti messages on the wall. One of them read: "I've been bad for years and years". Items were recovered from the floor, some of which could be bone fragments. A cadaver dog reacted strongly to them.

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  1. "House of horrors" is more than an accurate description of what took place at this home.  I question how on earth they got away with this for four decades without someone talking.  I'm sure the police officer was less than amused by the joke the ministers wife made.  It shows what a psycho she must be to even be making jokes at this time...geesh.  Very interesting read.