Friday, 7 March 2008

Evening notes

Looking in the eye of a weekend with more bad weather. The south of the UK can expect stormforce winds on Monday - the eye of the storm, which is expected to have a central pressure of only 935 mbar (27.5 inches).

I spent an hour in the library scanning more images for the tributes I'm working on. Unlike yesterday, there was not the entertainment in the shape of toddlers having a screaming tantrum on the floor. Stornoway Library is quite old-fashioned, in that it has a notice hanging up saying: "Please keep the noise down. Remember, you're in the library!".

Robert Mugabe only wants people observing his elections that look favourably upon him. There are still apologists for this apology of a president about. Venezuela's Hugo Chavez is one of them. Mugabe just wants to hear that everything in the garden is fine, in spite of the fact that his economy is being sustained by a German firm, printing banknotes. Inflation at latest count was running at 100,000%, and unemployment at 20%. Just to give you an idea what Mugabe's housing arrangements are, have a look at this and vomit.


  1. Peguera1 left a comment, which was a bit disjointed due to keyboard failure. It read: Mugabe is the worst in humanity. Sorry!

  2. hi guido, i hadn't heard about the storm heading our way! doesn't sound good! "batten down the hatches" ...LOL take care mrs t x