Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday 10 March

It is a fairly quiet morning in Stornoway, after some strong winds overnight. A few chinks in the clouds, but not much else. Conditions in the south of England are poor and deteriorating fast. Dramatic images on the news at 10 am, of a train on the line between Exeter and Plymouth being battered by waves as it travels just behind the seawall at Dawlish. Residents in Teignmouth, in the same area, had the sea lapping at their doorsteps, and a tanker had to be towed into Southampton after it started dragging its anchor. Further news on the weather and its impact here.

Tropical cyclone Jokwe has had the expected impact on Mozambique, with hundreds of buildings destroyed and powerlines downed. The storm is slowly ambling south, down the Mozambique Channel, and has ceased to affect mainland Africa. Jokwe is a category 2 system, with winds up to 100 mph near its centre.


  1. Have a good day.

  2. hi guido, not too bad here yet looks terrible elsewhere in the south. have a good day mrs t xx

  3. The weather sounds nasty - I surely wouldn't want to be on that train.  I hope the weather improves.

  4. The weather is pretty awful here inland Guido so I can only imagine how bad it must be on the coast. Jim`s sister lives on the south coast and I will be calling  her soon to see if all is well, I couldn`t get through to her earlier.

    Love Sandra xx

  5. Thankfully Box has survived the gales fact I think mayeb we were in the eye of teh storm as all around was damage to trees ets, however here in Box all was fairly calm. just odd string gusts.  Sybil x