Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Top policeman found dead

It is all over the UK news this evening that Great Manchester Chief Constable Michael Todd was found dead on Snowdon (the highest mountain in Wales) on Monday evening. Reports on the BBC News website state that personal effects, belonging to Mr Todd, were located on the mountain and the alarm was raised. A concerted effort by rescue services served to located Michael Todd's body on an area called Bwlch Glas. Letters addressed to his family were found as well. Suicide is one of the lines of inquiry.

At one time Michael Todd was quoted as one of the possible successors to the Commissioner of the Metropolitan Police, Sir Ian Blair, at a time when the latter was having serious problems.


  1. I heard the report too ,A highly thought of Officer ..love Jan xx

  2. that is sad to hear; wonder what agonies he was dealing with that he thought suicide was the only way out, if indeed it turns out to be a suicide; my thoughts are for his family who will have to live with this for the rest of their lives