Wednesday, 19 March 2008

Wednesday 19 March

Fairly bright day, much the same as of late. We are warned against a wet and windy night to come, but that should clear away by morning. Yes, things are beginning to turn green, the grass shows signs of beginning to grow - otherwise, not very springlike. The birdfeeders will stay out until the leaves begin to grow.

A sure sign that the winter is drawing to a close is the change in the public transport timetables. Local buses and the regional ferry operator Caledonian MacBrayne all switch over on Friday 21 March, to a schedule with more services. In July and August, we even get three ferry sailings a day, as opposed to the two a day at other times. The first sailing is at 6.15 am, with others at 12.40 and 7pm; the ferry returns at 12.45 am (yep, after midnight).

Another sign is the arrival of the first set of tourists this season - after all, it is the Easter weekend coming up, which is normally when the season starts. In my first year, I remember travelling down the Harris road on a service bus at 10.30 am, when a perspired-looking cyclist came pedalling in the opposite direction, still some 22 miles short of Stornoway.


  1. I bet the birds are happy you keep the feeder up for them ~ I usually keep one filled with sunflower all year.  It will soon be time for peanuts for the Blue Jays & oranges for the Baltimore Orioles ~ spring is so beautiful.

  2. Nice to hear that its greening up in Stornoway at last.  
    Our neighbours grass is due for a mow it has grown so fast!
    The wild garlic is shooting out of the ground and it wont be long before we see and smell their flowers. Snowdrops are disappearing and the daffs are putting on a blousy show.  Spring!   Spring!   Spring!  I am having fun watching the crows trying to do a gymnastic upstart on my little bird table as they feed from it.  They manage to 'pinch' most of the seeds but the mealworm cake is still intact for the 'littlies'.
    Tourist time here in the Lakes too Guido.  They are going to have a cold Easter this time.

  3. So happy to read things are changing...and the new time of the year is soon approaching...take care!

  4. Even though it's still cold, I loved seeing the daffodils blooming when I got home.  To me daffodils are a sign that winter might actually come to an end. Linda back home in Washington state

  5. Guido
    I like the flowers growing in the barrels

    Comment from lurkynat 19/03/08 21:12