Tuesday, 18 March 2008

Tuesday 18 March

Another quite reasonable day, with the sun peeking through the clouds. Locally, we are still awaiting a decision on the North Lewis Windfarm, which would see 181 turbines, each standing 450 ft tall, marching 40 miles from Stornoway to Port of Ness via Bragar. The Energy Minister was in town yesterday, proclaiming the Western Isles should harness ALL forms of renewable energy. Some interpret this as a favourable hint towards the big project, other read it as its death knell.

Belgium has finally got itself a government, 9 months after general elections. It is a coalition of both Flemish- and French-speaking parties, from across the political spectrum. The language issue is not straddled by any political party, and the issue threatened to split the country in two. An intervention by King Albert II forestalled that. Thirty years ago, pitched battles were fought on the streets of the disputed district of Fourons-le-Comte / 's Gravenvoeren, south of the Dutch city of Maastricht, which threatened to spill across the Dutch border.
As the two names indicate, both language groups lay claim to it. Asking directions in Wallonia whilst speaking Flemish (note) will earn you a terse "comment?" (what?). People from the Netherlands, whose accent is different from the Flemish may get a response in their own language.

A man has appeared in court, charged with the abduction and illegal imprisonment of 9-year old Shannon Matthews. He was remanded in custody for another appearance at a later date. Shannon herself remains in the care of social services pending the conclusion of police inquiries.


  1. It is a shame for Shannon this ordeal is far from over for her.  At least they have someone in custod.  I hope the windfarm issue doesn't pass, your countryside is so lovely it would be sad to see all those turbines in the landscape.

  2. Drove back through the Tebay Gorge yesterday after a day out and the Windfarm near Sedbergh looked like an eyesore on the horizon of such beautiful rolling emerald green hills.  I cannot bide the contraption.  I am sure kinetic energy can be got another way.  Especially when our rivers are full to bursting in the winter time.
    I'm thankful that the child is in care until things have been worked out.  I am worried that her grandparents don't even want her to go home again.  That's perplexing.

    Jeanie xx