Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Wednesday 12 March

Nice bright day - when you're inside. Outside, a cold northwesterly wind is blowing showers in from the Atlantic. Temperature only 6C / 43F. The rest of the country is being lashed by westerly gales, with gusts up to 60 mph. Have a look at this map, which is updated every half hour. The bigger the arrow, the stronger the wind.

I notice we can't add pictures to entries today, except by manual entry through HTML (if you know the URL of your graphic). Fantastic.

The Audit Committee of the Scottish Parliament continues its investigation into the financial problems at the Western Isles Health Board. I cannot follow proceedings live, as I'm going out in a minute or two. But it would appear that a document, requested by the Committee, was not submitted by the Health Board. The Committee may now invoke its powers to force the board to hand over the paperwork, known to contain a report into a shortfall of £290k in 2006.


  1. Bundle up ,Guido and have a nice day!!

  2. Icouldnt get a signal for hours this morning and the pilot light on the gas was out ,brr it is 35-50 mph according to the map ...thanks Jan xx

  3. katie39041@talktalk.net12 March 2008 at 12:53

    Its a lovely windy day here, the suns shining at the moment. I liked the weather map showing wind speeds.
    love and hugs

  4. I had a lovely walk this afternoon, well push and shove really, in our high winds.  What a noise it made whilst walking under the trees.  It was invigourating though...the kind of weather to clear the cobwebs.  No rain as such..thank goodness.

  5. No problem with loading pix, but I notice sometimes it doesn't take until you attempt several times.  Windy here too, and sunny.  CATHY  

  6. March is coming in like a lion everywhere it seems ~ a very angry lion at that!

  7. I hope it warms up a bit for you soon and that the winds die down.