Saturday, 15 March 2008

Evening notes

As we move towards sunset, the news continues to be dominated by young Shannon Matthews, found, after being missing for 24 days, in Dewsbury. A picture is emerging of complicated family ties. Police are interviewing the young girl to piece together a sequence of events since February 19th.

In Albania, an armaments depot has exploded, leaving widespread devastation, death and injury behind. The Albanian army was disposing of old ammunitions, some dating back to the 1940s, when the blast occurred. This report on the BBC website has actual footage of the detonations as they happened.

I have spent the afternoon uploading images of ships, which have visited Stornoway over the past 6 months, to the shipspotting website. So far, I have put 85 pictures up. In comparison with other ports on the Scottish west coast, Stornoway cannot be described as bustling, making the appearance of strange boats quite an occasion. There is a meeting of shipspotters in Rotterdam next month, with an inevitable session of 4 hours on the water's edge, spotting ships.

I hope any J-landers in Atlanta, GA, were not affected by the storm last night which has left the city centre severely damaged. It appears to have been tornado-like in nature.

Talking of storms, I have no tropical cyclones whatsoever to report upon. The season in the southern oceans is moving towards its closure - which means the Northern Hemisphere hurricane season is nigh. Two months from now, in fact. Be prepared.


  1. Atlanta is less than two hours from where we live. Our area has been under  warnings several times this morning and we are currently under a watch. The sun keeps shining out to make it more favorable for storms. Helen

  2. I had not heard about the severe weather in GA...these past few weeks have been awful with freakish weather here in the states.  I would love to live near a port ~ I am going to view your pics.

  3. The storm in Atlanta has hit the area I lived before I was married.  It has been declared a state of emergency.  Our town in the NW part of GA is devastated in many places though we personally faired well.  We did take refuge temporarily in the center of the house.  The pictures coming forth now are very revealing how lucky we truly were.  

    I will read more about Shannon Matthews.  This is always so tragic.


  4. what is the whole story on Shannon Matthews? I hope she is ok now.