Monday, 24 March 2008

Local notes

Local radio station Isles FM mistakenly announced that a music festival in Stornoway Town Hall was cancelled on Friday night. It was not, but still, only a handful of people turned up. The organisers later found out everybody stayed away after they heard of the cancellation on the radio. Isles FM plugged the Saturday event, which did see a decent turn-out.

Western Isles Council last week proposed to build their own windfarm in Lewis, if the current proposal gets rejected by the Scottish Government. A decision is likely in the next few weeks. Rejection looks on the cards, on account of environmental designation. The Council wants to build a windfarm in exactly the same location - with exactly the same designations. Which means, that that proposal too will be turned down.


  1. I'm back,,,,,finally! Happy Easter to you as well. Hope you didn't eat the bell :) Love the kangaroo sign. In Colrado, they had those same metal grates along the ground, I was told they were so the animals would not cross (because their foot/hoof woudl slip into the grate and break there leg), kinda sad, kinda groose to. Have you heard that?

  2. Sounds like local poiltics are the same all over.  What a shame that the radio station announced that the festival was cancelled.  Maybe they did it to see if people are actually listening to their station. Linda in sunny (for the moment) Washington state

  3. I thought that local radio was supposed to HELP not HINDER local events !!!
    Cold down here as well. But not half as cold as it was in Norfolk !  We had a horrendous journey home yesterday through white outs, ice, cars slipping all ways..including yours truly's !! thankfully we didn't come to grief  about 2 ins. away though !!  Glad to be back to nice warm house. Love Sybil x

  4. Just heard that the radio station never announced that it was cancelled at all. In fact they were advertising the event all day. As far as advertising local events go the local community radio station does its bit for all festivals and local music events. So not sure where the report comes from, but festival organisers were on the radio tonight stating that it was rubbish that the station had been the cause of a poor turnout. They stated that the whole report was inaccurate and apologised to the station for causing them any grief, they also stated that they have asked all newspapers concerned to publish an apology to the radio station. I think that they do have a lot of listeners on the Island and for a volunteer run station give a good account of themselves. It is ok for folk to slag them off, but the Island would miss the isles fm  if it was not there.

  5. In reply to dubhdubh, I feel sure that a rerun of the station tapes from Friday will show the truth in this matter. I was not listening on Friday, so cannot comment either way. My source is

  6. Wow, someone surely sounds obsessed with the windfarm idea.  Too bad it seems this issue will keep going on.