Saturday, 29 March 2008

Saturday 29 March

Bit of a wild day today, with strong winds and frequent wintry showers. Yep, there was hail and snow in amongst that lot earlier this morning. The showers will fade to give way to a spell of rain tonight.

Although the weather doesn't let on, I can notice that spring is here - in at least one way. During the winter time, when I do this update (usually around 11 am), I have to draw the curtain in this room, as the sun shines on the monitor until about midday. The sun has now risen so high in the sky that I no longer need to do that.

Zimbabwe is electing a president today, with the result expected by Monday. If any candidate polls more than 50%, he is the winner. Otherwise, there will be a run-off in 3 weeks' time. I have made my position clear.


  1. Not much mystery about the election.  At least it's sunny and clear today, no rain, no snow, no hail - sorry you got the showers.  Stay well :-) CATHY

  2. Grr...still fuming about Mugabe...dont think the world cares actually cos there is no profit in rescuing that nation.They are dying at a rate of 3000 a week due to that rate the world can sit back and just wait (or so it seems...) sigh..thoroughly depressed now....hope you post some more photos to cheer us up LOL maybe of the snow?? Shauneen

  3. Your weather does sound crazy ~ it is a beautiful day here with lots of sunshine & perfect blue skies...but chilly!  Oh well, we can't have it all can we.