Friday, 14 March 2008

Friday 14 March

The pictures buttons are back in normal working order, thanks Vish.

A nice sunny morning - with pretty beefy showers, some with hail. After they fade away later today, a cold night will precede the same conditions on Saturday.

Thirteen months ago, a man of 18 was picking up his friends to go to Inverness one morning, when he approached a level crossing near Invergordon, north of the Highland capital. A train was approaching, but rather than slow down to a stop, he sped up, in an apparent attempt to beat the train to the level crossing. The train won, by 13 metres. He smashed into the undercarriage at speed, killing two of his friends in the process and sustaining serious injury himself. At trial in Edinburgh yesterday, it appeared the man in the dock had been clocked at 108 mph on the nearby A9 road, just two days after he passed his test in December 2006.

Drivers aged between 18 and 24 are most likely to suffer an accident behind the wheel. Nobody is invincible, and in the car vs train stakes, the train always wins.


  1. A natural instinct to speed up - it never works out.  Hey now I have trouble with the "picture buttons" lol can't add images, nothing.  Had to  CATHY

  2. Thankyou for bringing this to Vish's attention many thanks to you both ,phewww ,when will these people ever learn ? Jan xx

  3. I couldn't post a picture in the normal way this morning.  I had to drag and drop.  I hope it shows.

    ~have a great day!  Rosemary

  4. I've waited as long as I possibly could with my son, he was supposed to be licensed at 16, he's going to be 18 in May, and I'm just starting his drivers training this month..... UGH!!!!  (Praying the whole time that he'll be safe!!)  What a scary thought, kids don't think, they just want to impress their friends.


  5. I was surprised yesterday to find no button-took my little pics over to Sticks,then today button was back but don't care for the size -so back to bucket I went and now I am happy. . .hee-hee...


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