Tuesday, 11 March 2008

Overweight? Read this

Manuel Uribe from Mexico has just shed 460 pounds.  Before his weightloss journey began he weighed 1,265 pounds or 570 kg. He now weighs in at an excelled 800 lbs or 350 kg.

The other day, Manuel wanted to celebrate in the local park. A forklift truck lifted him, bed and all, out of the house. A strong towtruck hauled him along the road, but unfortunately, it collided with a bridge. His bloodpressure plummeted, and doctors advised him to cancel.

Source: MSN


  1. He has been out to "events" before, since I have read of it in the paper in the past. Those "handling" his situation seem to be giving him ineffective counsel. The outing he attended previous had a circus atmosphere about it. He was not well served.  He is a guy trying to save his own life, not a freak. ~Mary

  2. Amazing.  In the States we obviously have extremely morbidly obese persons like Manuel but only a few who reached the 1000 lb mark.  Most are between 500 and 800 lbs and they agree to let these talk-show hosts interview them, then have volunteers try to get them out of their beds.  Forklifts, pulleys, breaking down walls, the worst having to be weighed at the zoo using the elephant scale.  I try but can't grasp how someone can let weight get so out of control.  CATHY

  3. Good grief, this is almost hard to believe!  I cannot imagine anyone THAT big.  Holy cow, I wonder what it costs to keep him supplied with food?  Amazing, simply amazing.

  4. Good grief!  That's quite a loss, but I hope he continues to lose wight and improve his health.

  5. My GOD! It's amazing what the human body can tolerate.

  6. WOW!!!!  Sounds like he's really determined, though, having already lost 460 pounds!!!  WOW!!!!  Good for him!!!


  7. i came across a television program showing the plight of some morbidly obese people, it just astounds me  that the heart and all other organs cope...and i so feel for their carers as one assumes they have to be toileted, washed...sigh. I pondered on whether their situations were borne out of an addiction to food...i can sympathise with addiction issues, being a trying to stop smoker.