Tuesday, 25 March 2008

Tuesday 25 March

A deceptively nice morning, but bitterly cold. Snow and ice linger in sheltered spots, and once you get into the sights of the northerly breeze it is very cold. Temperature 4C. Rain should move across from the west in the next day or so, bringing less cold weather. March is the start of spring, but the weather has been far from springlike.

Many thanks for the compliments for my pic of St Moluag's Chapel. It is possible to go inside, although you need to knock on someone's door to get the key. When I was there, I just peered through a window to take a picture like below. If you'd like to read up, please follow this link. The Chapel is still in use, I believe around Christmas Eve.

Reports are coming in of a pile-up on the Austrian A1 motorway, between Salzburg and Vienna. More than 100 vehicles are said to be involved in the smash, which is initially blamed on heavy snowfall. Austrian broadcaster ORF mentions that several ambulances and helicopters are on the scene, and that there is one fatality and several serious injuries.


  1. Cold here too. Such a shame about that wreck.
    You just never know when you wake up in the morning what that day will bring....

  2. i hope it warms up for you soon. it is about 27 degrees here.


  3. That was most interesting Guido ,I enjoyed my/your little visit to St Moluags  chapel ,how quaint ,but so pleasing that it is still there ,OMG ,THAT PILE UP !! ... love Jan xx

  4. Good grief, 100 cars involved!  I can't imagine how long that clean up will take.

  5. It's cold here again this morning too.  Sunny but the thermometer outside my kitchen window says 32 degrees.   Linda in WA

  6. We are starting to see a little warm up and I hope the same for you too.  Great photo...take care!

  7. princesssaurora26 March 2008 at 04:47

    That picture is great... look at the beautiful stone...

    So awful that accident!  

    be well,