Sunday, 30 March 2008


Just after 2.30pm this afternoon, an executive jet crashed into a housing estate in Orpington, Kent. The plane had just taken off from nearby Biggin Hill airfield, when the pilot experienced severe engine vibration. He declared a mayday and was given clearance to return to the aerodrome. Before he reached there, his plane dropped out of the sky and onto two houses in the district of Farnborough. Please note this is NOT the Farnborough where the airshows are held.

One house was completely destroyed by fire, and another suffered 20% fire damage. The occupants of the destroyed property were away on holiday. The plane carried 5 people, 2 pilots and 3 passengers, apparently bound for France. They are at present unaccounted for, but most likely did not survive the crash. Two people on the ground were taken to hospital for shock.


  1. May Jesus bless their souls

  2. This is such a horrible tragedy.  All must have been terrified.  I hope and pray it was instant and no suffering.  Saddening to think of the families loss from this.  Thanks for the post.


  3. Very Very Sad!!  But can you imagine the blessing of the family of the burned home away on holiday!!  WOW!!!  What a close call!!


  4. Thank you giving us the details Guido, I just caught the end of the news item after switching on.  It is a dreadful tragedy and I hope those missing will soon be found.

    Love Sandra xx

  5. How tragic for all involved.  I can't fathom how any of those dear souls felt knowing they were going to crash and so horrible for the folks on the ground.

  6. princesssaurora30 March 2008 at 22:23

    Oh my... how awful... sending out prayers...

    be well,

  7. That's just horrible Guido, those poor souls on the plane ~ their families are in my prayers. Jeannette xx  

  8. What an awful thing to happen! We have so much air traffic here that sometimes I get fearful that one will fall out of the sky. It did happen about 20 years ago here. The plane was a jetliner and it hit a smaller plane and crashed into some houses. LOTS of people died.
    Recently, I had a prop plane going over my house. The engine didn't sound right, and sure enough the prop stopped....right over my house! The planes engine luckily restarted, and he took off again...but it was scary!

  9. thanks for this info. I had heard of it a bit but not in so much detail.

  10. May they not be in suffering pain while being looked for.  Sad thing.