Thursday, 20 March 2008

Thursday 20 March

The first day of spring, but the weatherforecast predicts a return to winter. Today started bright and sunny, but with a strong northwesterly wind making it feel cold. Overnight, snowshowers will start to fall. Any lying snow will melt in the daytime, but will accumulate overnight.

A worker with toothache brought the Portree lifeboat in action overnight. He had been working on the island of Rona, just north of Raasay, when he developed severe toothache. The normal ferry could not manage in the bad weather, but the Portree lifeboat were happy to oblige, and took the man to the dentist.


  1. So its official winter is over then  whooo oo.... tooth ache is life and death ,Bless the life boat men Jan xx

  2. It must have been quite a trip since they said mentioned the adrenaline rush!  Well the calendar may say spring but there is a good chance we will have an accumulating snowfall Saturday..ugh...I don't think this winter will ever end!!

  3. We don't have snow but it's cold & breezy.  I think winter weather is lasting longer all over the world, this year.  Wow a trip in a life boat in bad weather ?!?  That would have been a difficult decision for me, tough it out on solid ground or ride the waves....Linda in WA

  4. When I had toothache I couldn't talk for the pain and my daughter had to ask the doctor for pain killers for me whilst I just groaned away.  The dentist wouldn't pull it out as it was abcessed.  Sheesh!  
    I would have jumped on a lifeboat and let them bring me all the way to that 'wonderful' dentist who was prepared to pull this chaps tooth out.  
    Even if I did get seasick.  Poor man.  I feel for him.  Glad he got it sorted out.
    Our weather is wintry now.   I am so thankful for the past four or five days of mild sunshine.  It did feel like spring at last.

  5. well such human kindness, three cheers to the lifeboat men, bless them.