Saturday, 8 March 2008

Saturday 8 March

Sunshine and showers rule the roost again, throughout the weekend. A shower is just passing through as I type this.

The news this morning makes for depressing reading. A head-on collision in Gloucestershire, western England, has left 6 people dead. It happened on the A429 road in the county, northeast of Stow-on-the-Wold. Three other people, including two children, remain critically ill in hospital.

A train derailment in Greece, thought to have been caused by faulty points, left many injured at Larissa. The train was heading northeast from Athens to Alexandroupolis. Five of its carriages left the track.

An English survivor of the Auschwitz deathcamp has died at the age of 97. Leon Greenman was taken from his home in Holland in 1943 and transported to Poland. He passed through 6 concentration camps. His wife and young son did not survive. He has dedicated his life to telling the story of the holocaust.


  1. springangel2358 March 2008 at 13:52

    So happy you have sunshine...rain here...two days now...but it is fine with me.  Yes that was sad to read on the car crash...hope those in the hospital will be okay...take care!!!

  2. Sigh, so much sadness in this world. Check out my snow hell pics and video if you have time,

  3. Sadness and despair is everywhere.  It is humbling to think at any given moment the sadness and heartbreak people are going through all across the world.