Thursday, 27 March 2008


I wrote an entry about this movie earlier this evening, but deleted it as I had not watched the film on LiveLeak. More than 1 million people have watched it already, apparently. I am not linking - you can find it yourself. It is a major news item this evening, which is why I am  reluctantly writing about it.

Fitna is made by Dutch MP Geert Wilders, who professes to be concerned about the encroaching 'dangers' of Islam. His movie, designed by the look of it to be shocking, is his view on the challenges faced by Dutch society in particular (and Western society in general) as a result of rising numbers of people who are faithful to Islam.

Mr Wilders, who has been warned about his film, has police protection in Holland. Fitna portrays Islam as a hateful and intolerant faith, backed up by a few quotes from the Quran, the Muslim holy book. Atrocities such as 9/11, the bomb attacks on public transport systems in Madrid and London and the beheadings of Western hostages are paraded in gruesome detail.

In the latter part of the film, its maker continues the alarmist tone by suggesting a tide of Islam is about to wash over Europe and Holland in particular, and using horrendous imagery to paint the future, faced by Holland once the country is under Islamic rule which Mr Wilders appears to see as an almost unavoidable doom.

This is a piece of work we can do without. Everybody is entitled to his opinion, as is Mr Wilders.

In the aftermath of 9/11 and other atrocities, a lot of work has been done from both sides of this argument to ensure mutual respect and understanding. Radical imams (preachers) are being rooted out, and efforts are continuing to ensure that extremists do not gain a major foothold anywhere in Western Europe. The war in Iraq has worked beautifully in favour of Muslim extremists, acting as a rallying point for all sorts of hotheads to come and do their dirty work. The situation in Israel, Gaza and the West Bank is as far from a resolution as ever, and will be a festering sore for decades to come.

However, it is my perception that the situation is very gradually improving.

I hope Muslims the world over will see the movie Fitna for what it is. Not worth the 16 minutes 48 seconds it took me to watch it, after the ages it took to buffer on LiveLeak. Not worth getting all hot and bothered about. From neither side.


  1. I won't be watching this film either.  I don't see the need to feed into someones crazy opinion, be they right or wrong.  I suppose he does have the right to publish his thoughts ~ it would be wise for everyone just to ignore it rather than get all excited.

  2. I won't be watching it either.  I can't stomach the vileness nor cope with the pictures that are possibly gruesome.  Would not watch the leaked beheading film of Daniel Pearl.  This is hate mongering and that's one thing this world can stand less of.  There's so much conspiracy theories running around I don't know what to think or believe anymore.


  3. I will watch out for it  I was appalled at the murder of that Dutchman who filmed the intrepid woman who came out in public.  I hope she has not been murdered yet.  I do think that women who try to advance get punished among those who are adament that women must stay in the background.  Gerry

  4. What is so bad about Fitna?  There are some grizzly images in the film but there are much worse out there on this subject on the Internet.  If anything I think that Mr Wilders has held back a great deal and showed remarkable restraint.  Anyone who has bothered to read extensively on this subject will realise this.  If people do not want to see disturbing images then don’t watch the film, but do read up on the subject.  Read the core Islamic sources.  Read the Koran, but remember the Islamic principle of abrogation; this principle means that the later Suras take precedence over the earlier ones when they disagree.  Get a copy of the Koran which shows whether the Suras were revealed in Mecca (earlier period, when the Ummah was weak) and those revealed in Medina (later period when the Ummah had political power).  Read the Hadith, but remember that Muslims regard some as the most authoritative.

  5. The following urls are for people who want to seek knowledge on the subject but do not visit any of these urls if you do not want to see any disturbing images or be otherwise upset:

    If people want to see the film then it can be found at the following url:

    For transcripts of the film in various languages they can be found at the following url:

    As people denounce the film there is silence on the cowardly threats that were issued to LiveLeak that was the original host for the film.  People can view LiveLeak’s statement at the following url:

    Remember, if you do not want to see disturbing images then don’t watch the film but do research the subject.  In a democracy surely it is a duty for citizens to be informed.

  6. The demonisation of the courageous Mr Wilders is cowardly and wrong.  Why is there such a desire to suppress discussion of Islam?  In a free society open discussion is essential otherwise people get suspicious and believe that there is some kind of cover up.  If Mr Wilders has got his facts wrong then the truth will be revealed.  Silence on the subject of Islam seems to be institutionalised in Europe?  Mr Wilders is doing what he can to bring debate on this important subject out into the open.  If Mohammed is indeed a role model to Muslims then we need to look at his career and his deeds so as to better understand them.  This might mean that offence is caused, but so long as the truth is told then what is the problem.  Being offended is a small price to pay in order to live in a free society.