Friday, 21 March 2008

Sunny day?

Well, in between the hailshowers it looks nice. Went out to the shop earlier on, and was glad to accept a lift back. It's only a 5 minute walk, but not very nice in weather like this.

Although the sun may be shining, it is most definitely not doing so for a poor man from Barra. He went into hospital in Glasgow for radiotherapy, and was due to be flown home by helicopter. His condition is too poorly for him to travel by ferry and road. This morning, the helicopter landed on the wrong island, offloaded him, and took off again. The patient was taken to the Uist & Barra hospital in Balivanich, a few miles away - but 40 miles from home. He was due to have gone to St Brendan's Hospital in Castlebay, the main town in Barra. Weather conditions are too severe for the helicopter to come back, so he will have to stay in Balivanich for the time being.


  1. My goodness that poor mans luck is going from bad to worse.  

  2. How unfortunate.  Poor man.   You need to be nearer home when you are suffering like he is.  Mind you.. I had to stay at Preston, nearly sixty miles away for mine, which took up four weeks all in with me coming home at weekends. It was a lonely time I can tell you.  I hope his family will be able to get him home safely.
    Bless him!

    It's really bitter outside now.  Nobody in their right minds is going to brave these arctic elements for long.  You did right accepting the lift Guido.

  3. Oh my, that poor man.  And I bet is family is frantic.  I guess that's one drawback from living in an area with severe weather conditions.    Linda in WA

  4. I would have been so terribly upset if that had been my family member.  I do hope the hospital where he is admitted to temporarily is very kind to him and is taking great care of the man until further arrangements can be made.  

    We had a bit of hailstorms here at our home during the time the tornado was nearby.  Maybe a few minutes afterward.  Some places it was nearly as big as a baseball.  

    It was nice to get a lift back in weather such as this.

    Take good care,


  5. I can barely believe that! What a carnival of errors. Is it the fault of the helicopter crew?


  6. Poor man!