Thursday, 27 March 2008

Sunny and warm...

Out of the wind and in the sun, it certainly did feel warm this afternoon. This in spite of the rather meagre 7C / 45F on the thermometer. I took advantage of the beautiful weather to update photographs on one of the four marked walks that I have posted on the Walkingworld website. My pictures for the 4 mile walk to the Iolaire Memorial, just down the coast, are nearly 3 years old, and decidedly dated. Whilst on my way round, I noticed plenty of fat sheep but no lambs. Yet. It was very very muddy along the way, but I come prepared for that.

I was going to share pictures, but AOL isn't playing ball this evening.


  1. 84 degrees here yesterday.  Today I don't want to stick my nose out the door.  My air conditioning is on, for sure!


  2. When I saw your "Sunny & Warm" title, I thought maybe you'd hopped a plane to the Bahama's or somewhere like that.  Let's 1pm we are up to a high of 39 degrees and the wind is blowing, so with the chill factor it's proabably 32 degrees.  I need to mow my lawn....cold weather or's growing.   Linda in Washington state  

  3. I am looking forward to seeing your pictures!!  Glad you had an enjoyable day despite the mud.

  4. I can't wait now to get a sheaf of your photos down to Doc's because his computer shows them beautifully.  I spent an hour looking at Jeanne's photos in her walkabouts in the English countryside by the Lakes.  Now I will be able to see all the ones you post.  I see that the forwarding thing does not even show up on mine, although I can access videos quite easily.  Doc will not be able to get rid of me now because I love to work on his new computer.  I suppose that is why he bought it.  That computer will entice me there if nothing else will.  I have put all my favorites on it now.  Gerry