Thursday, 13 March 2008

Thursday 13 March

A nicer day than yesterday, with some sunshine between the clouds. Showers are forecast, and winds will increase through the day. Last night, I was taking part in a "ceilidh" (a social event) with plenty of food and drink, as is customary here.

AOL Time Warner is reported to have acquired the social networking site Bebo, at a time when Time Warner is contemplating splitting off its AOL arm. It does send me wondering whether all this uncertainty contributes to the deterioration in service that many people have been complaining about.

Oh, I still haven't got my greyed-out buttons back to normal.


  1. theres not much of aol that is still aol now from what i can see now, with france, germany, uk and canada all being sold off last year,
    those of us in the uk are now part of talk talk, they do seem to be trying to get `stuff` right ,but its still rather hit and miss at the moment as a lot of us are finding out, but having said this it still seems to be far better than a lot of others inc some of the big names,

  2. So sad to think of all we seem to be losing Jan xx

  3. yes, weather has calmed down here too. Hope you enjoyed your ceilidh...i used to go to those, loved them, great fun.
    My connection with aol is constantly wavering...not good at all. I wish they'd sort it out.

  4. So did you have too much to drink & eat?  Nap time :-) ~Mary

  5. Ah, yes, a ceilidh, not a ceildh as I spelled it recently.  I'm glad you had fun:)

    We should have rain showers here this weekend, for parades and yep, ceili's.

    I haven't been able to upload / insert photos into my journal in some time now.  I should spend more time on it to figure out if it's truly a chronic problem or the happening of my timing, but ARGH.  (It's not greyed out, though.)

  6. Lucky you going to the ceilidh...I went to one once on Mull,  it lasted for at least 3 days !!!!!     Lots of folks complaining about the photo button. I han't looke don mine yet but will be over next day or so.  Love for now Sybil x

  7. Happy it was a nicer day!  You could be right about your thoughts on Time Warner.

  8. What's a greyed-out buttons?  Tish G.