Monday, 31 March 2008

Monday 31 March

Good morning from a fairly bright and quiet Stornoway, although you wouldn't think so judging by this morning's rogues' gallery on the local radio. A fair few were collared by the police over the weekend for being drunk and disorderly.

I am sitting here quietly fuming at Internet Explorer and its many security holes. I've used the product for precisely two days and I've already got a virus problem. I already found it slows down the computer, so I just might kick it into the long grass for good. I'm also very pleased that Microsoft are rattled by people like Google who seek to challenge their hegemony. I'll never forget the roasting Bill Gates got from an automobile tycoon who said:
"Would you find it acceptable to be driving a car with the following characteristic (among others)? When you want to make a right turn, the vehicle stalls and you have to reinstall the engine".

The search has resumed this morning for the 5 victims of yesterday's plane crash at Farnborough, Kent. The incident destroyed a house, but did not claim casualties on the ground. Among the victims are two prominent figures from the world of motorsport.


  1. It sounds like some folks decided to party just a little too hard!!  I"ve seen the footage of the plane crash on our local news, hard to believe but they actually ran the story.  I had to laugh at reninstalling the engine..that is good.  Too bad about the virus ~ hope it isn't too serious.  It is firefox you prefer right?  Why did you change to IE?  Just curious, I am thinking of trying Firefox.

  2. I realised how I got my virus when I read Indigo's entry a bit back.  I was spammed an e-mail which had a video on it but no name.  I clicked on the video.... end of my laptop.  
    Computer life is fraught with so many dratted problems some days.  Sorry to hear about yours Guido.  HOpe you get shot of it whatever it is.
    We had lovely sunshine when I came down here into my cellar room.  I hope it stays that way too until I re-appear.  
    Such a tragic accident in  Kent.  Thank God the pilot was able to avoid the more built up areas.  
    Some of the witnesses will have nightmares forever by all accounts too.

  3. Those arrested by the police are then put on the morning local radio show?  

    Sorry your computer's gotten a virus.  Sometimes, "vaccinations" don't catch everything........

  4. Hello Guido!
    Happy Monday to you :) Sorry I have not commented in so long, but please know that I visit often and love you to pieces!
    Sorry about the troubles with IE. I've been IE user for so many years and have become a novice. I think that's what it would be called? LOL If I can offer any suggestions or help, please give me an IM or email (anytime, anytime!). I've had my fair share of issues with IE and I currently have the new version of 7, which is better. Problems of course, but in my opinion a lot can be fixed or prevented. I also use Mozilla Firefox and I know that it is much safer, but it also has it's bugs. I am just so on top of keeping track (even in my document folder with iGoogle) of problems, bugs, fixes and that sort of thing. So if I can be of any help it would be my pleasure :).

    I also want to THANK YOU for your support. It's amazing how sweet and caring you are :). Your the best!

    Don't forget to IM or email me anytime. We probably could have a pretty darn good conversation about "techy"  and Internet stuff...LOL

    Big Huggers,

  5. Internet Explorer did the same for me Guido, I don`t use it anymore.

    Love Sandra xx