Tuesday, 18 March 2008


As I have remarked a few times in this blog, it has been proposed to build a huge windfarm on Lewis. The planning application is expected to be decided upon within weeks.

Yesterday, an Energy Conference was held in Stornoway, and the Energy Minister for Scotland said the Western Isles had excellent potential for renewable energy. Wind, tides, waves, solar, you name it. Sources which should be harnessed to the benefit of the community.

Our council is so determined to build a windfarm, come hell or high water, that they have already proposed an alternative, should the current proposal be turned down. More of the same, but now in the part-ownership of the community. One quote sent my head reeling:
Generation on this scale will provide the additional benefit of being able to fund environmental management work that will enhance the sustainability of a wide range of habitats and support jobs for their interpretation.

The Energy minister announced at the end of January that he was "minded to reject" the current proposal, as it flies in the face of several European Union Habitat directives, related to protected species and habitats. If the current proposal is finally rejected, then so will the revamped proposal.


  1. The individual you quoted obviously didn't take into account the magnitude of displacement of species & habitats just by the construction of the towers themselves.  I surely hope it doesn't go through.

  2. Dearest Guido,
    I remember how much your want the windfarms energy to succeed and that you are very much for this energy! I hope it works if you want it passed.