Saturday, 15 March 2008

Saturday 15 March

A nice bright morning, with good sunny intervals between the clouds. There is a northeasterly wind, which will gain in strength through the day. In other words, it's cold outside.

Did you know toasters are banned in Cuba? Quite a few electronic items will be un-banned in the near future. The problem lies in limited power supplies.

Young Shannon Matthews is safe in police care, but both she and her abductor will be questioned extensively over events of the past 24 days. Neighbours in her area of Dewsbury celebrated her freedom with fireworks last night.


  1. morning guido, pouring with rain here! have a good day mrs t x

  2. Aren't her parents with her?
    She has to be frightened..
    take care ,Guido

  3. So happy to read you have  sunny day!!!!  Enjoy it!!  Interesting facts on Cuba...

  4. We've got a beautiful day here in Texas....sunny and warm with a nice breeze.  Well, for now anyway....I imagine that breeze will get cold as the day wears on....

    No toasters in Cuba?  What the heck?  Craziness!

    Happy Weekend to ya!!


  5. Ach!   We've got rain!   Lol!  I was hoping for a better weekend.
    As for doing without toasters?   I well remember making our toast in front of the fire when a child.  Sometimes it fell into the ashes but it tasted ok once dusted off.   lol!
    Aye...I remember my face and hand toasting just as much as the bread....

  6. I love my toast!!  I would be quite unhappy if toasters were banned here.

  7. wow, they didnt have microwaves? The Cubans are soon going to be mesmerized by the things they have went without for so long. Sounds like the uncle abused Shannon.  :(