Saturday, 22 March 2008

Saturday 22 March

A much better day than yesterday, with far less wind and (as yet) no rain or snow. We are due sleet and snow overnight, and temperatures will not exceed 6C today. The weather in northern England is reported to be atrocious, with high winds and heavy snow. The A66 route across the Pennines, between Scotch Corner and Penrith, is closed because of snow drifts. High waves swamped cars on the promenade at Redcar, east of Middlesbrough. Keep safe if you're down that way.

The far west of China was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake overnight. No reports of casualties of damage YET; the region is remote, wedged between Mongolia and Tadjikistan.


  1. hi guido,
    your blog is so interesting.  

    i found you through you finding me through Jimmy's blog, i.e., stupidsheetguy.  i can't thank you enough for your kind words.  they're very much appreciated.

    i'll definetly be back to read more of your interesting home & travels.

    Blessed Be,

  2. sleet and snow, huh?

    where is Spring? It MAY snow here today too. Phooey.


  3. Its not a nice place here today Guido.
    Last night's winds were atrocious here in the Lakes!  Bryan walked to the pub last  night, refusing a lift off me.  He said he got to the bottom  of our hill onto the main road and the wind brought him to a halt.  He had to fight his way up the village.  What that man will do for a pint and different company.   Lol!
    Seriously we have had snow and winds with hailstones too.  It hasn't laid on the ground here yet.  I expect Samantha won't be here tomorrow as she must travel over Penrith and the tops to get here.
    What a dreadful Easter it is turning out to be.

  4. The sun is shining in western Washington right now.  But heavy rain & wind is predicted for Easter Sunday.  All the little "egg hunters" are going to get wet.  Stay in and stay warm and dry~Linda in Washington state

  5. What horrible weather for Easter travelling.  Our weather turned out to be quite nice today after the threat of snow...those to the North did get a few inches but had blue skies & sunshine most of the day.  Yay!!

  6. You have just had such a bought of bad weather, storms and hail and now snow.  I hope that some day it will be warm again for you there.  I know you miss spring.