Saturday, 8 March 2008

Monday mayhem

That is likely to be the result when the worst storm of this winter barrels across western England. Winds up to 100 mph are forecast, which could lead to mayhem on the roads. The depression behind it all will form south of Cap Farvel (the southern point of Greenland) early tomorrow, and then cross 35 degrees of longitude in 36 hours, arriving over northern Ireland on Monday afternoon. Ahead of it, a strong wind field will give rise to hurricane force winds. More information here.

It would appear that for a change, we in the Western Isles will escape the worst of this storm as we're to the north. It may turn a bit wintry though.


  1. This sounds awful ~ I wish everyone the best riding out this storm.  100 mph gosh!

  2. katie39041@talktalk.net8 March 2008 at 13:31

    We have pretty breezy conditions here today. Iam hoping we miss most of the bad weather. The weather looks pretty bad come monday. I hope all that do get the storm bad know im thinking of them.
    love and hugs

  3. Well's about time Stornoway got a little chink in the weather.
    As for me in the North West.. I'm not looking forward to Monday.  
    I will be staying indoors out of the way.

  4. my city and Angie/Pey's has full blown blizzard conditions. Totally unreal weather. I hope England has no deaths due to those winds either. Crazy weather.


  5. It sounds really worrying, I hope it won`t be as bad as they say.

    Love Sandra xx