Sunday, 30 March 2008

Sunday 30 March

Summertime came in some 40 minutes after my last posting. In other words, sunset at 8pm tonight - yay! It's a quiet day here in Stornoway, with a bit of a breeze and occasional glimpses of the sun. The wind should increase later today.

In Zimbabwe, the opposition Movement for Democratic Change has started to claim victory, although only about a third of votes have been counted across the country. A note of caution is in order at this point, as these victory claims are based on votes counted in cities. Mugabe has a lot of support in the countryside (through whichever means), so it's better not to sell the hide before the bear has been shot.


  1. isn't it nice to have that extra daylight in the evenings? I always enjoy changing the clock up rather than back even though it takes that time of adjustment

    enjoy the day


  2. Enjoy your Summertime,Guido.
    We still don't have spring-no flowers or buds opening.You know I'll post pix when they emerge,LOL

  3. Never heard that saying before.... 'better not to seel the hide before the bear has been shot'.... you made me laugh!!


  4. We get to leave the curtains open for a wee bit longer Guido.  That will be a saving on electricity.  Lol!
    I hope there is a positive outcome after the voting in Zimbabwe.
    That's if Mugabe hasn't already shot at and terrorised all his people waitng to vote at the polls so that they vote for him.  
    What a wonderful day it will be when this despot is sent to HELL!


  5. Yes, we can see the  gloomy skies longer here too since we changed the clocks. At 8:45am it's overcast and 32 degrees.  My daffodills are still bravely holding up their little yellow heads.   Linda in Washington state

  6. Isn't nice to have the extra daylight - I love it myself.

  7. Just when I get used to the extra long days, they'll make us go back to short days. It is always an adjustment for me.