Friday, 28 March 2008

Friday 28 March

Overcast and wet this morning, after a night with some high winds. Nothing too dramatic though. Bit of a transition since yesterday.

Although I did not hear it myself, a newsreader on BBC Radio 4 had a fit of the giggles during the Today programme, broadcast between 6 and 9 am. It happened after she had read an item on the oldest recording of the human voice, dating back to 1860, which a studio worker remarked sounded like a bee buzzing in a bottle. Newsreader Charlotte Green had an uncontrollable fit of the giggles while she tried to read the next item.

Yesterday, Terminal 5 at Heathrow Airport was opened for business - only to descend into chaos. Planes left without their passengers' baggage on board, check-in was a mess - and all that after £4.3 bn was shelled out for this BA-only edifice. Today is apparently no better.


  1. we have a local CBS station out of Dayton, Ohio and about 15 yrs ago they had 2 females doing the early morning news and since Chad was an infant and kept me up all night i would watch those 2 women & they'd get the giggles every day and i would sit and grin and laugh with them. I miss them. Both moved away to other states and one ended up with her own small cooking show on, i have not thought of either of them in years but you reminded me. I think the one with the cooking show was Kathy Hartsock.
    It has rained here for days....flooding, huge booming thunderstorms and windy and chilly!

  2. Why do you always find something funny at the wrong time ? and yes I saw on the news the chaos at Heathrow. Persistantly raining with some quite high winds here Jan xx

  3. I found it so you can hear it,Guido<LOL,LOL

  4. I listened to the clip ~ pretty funny.  I laughed out loud at the "recording" as well, it does sound like a bee.  I give her an A for trying to hold it together!  The airport must have been a disaster...adding one more reason to my list for never flying!

  5. I went to go take a look at the link that SpecialLady left, and the video has been removed..... DRATS!!!!!


  6. It's desperately trying to snow here.  The only thing stopping it is that the temp has risen to 37 degrees.  Earlier it was fat rain but it was about 34 degress at that time.  But we too have very gray, overcast skies.  And it's windy....Linda in Washington      

  7. Heathrow certainly made a blupper yesterday. With all the world watching too, tut tut.For some reason i am not getting photos to enlarge bigger so i will have to call by again to view yours. For what i saw they was spot on, some lovely images. i hope your day has been good.
    love and hugs